Our Gang

Our Gang
Jason, Deacon, Kennedy, & Me ~ March 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa's Sending You to Disneyland?!?!?

The crazies are obsessed with lots of Disney things right now.  Obsessed.  Minnie might as well be my third child.  Mickey makes his way into my bed every night.  We all know the Doc McStuffins theme song & sing it when we get an oowie.  I limit how much television the crazies watch daily but even on a 1 hour limit they choose Mickey Mouse clubhouse every time.  And Friday Night Family Movie Night has been taken over by Disney.  So, when we decided to stay on the West Coast & have Christmas here, Soldier Man & I knew what we wanted to do for the crazies -- have Santa send them to Disneyland.  We aren't huge on just having more toys & sometimes Christmas can turn into that.  We LOVE to travel & wanted to "get in" Disneyland while we live so close -- 2 hours.  We also knew age-wise that they are at a stage where they will LOVE to meet the characters.  
We got the plan underway & I cannot wait to see their expressions or reactions tomorrow morning!!
We did hire the help of a friend to plan the trip for us -- not only does that take alot of time, but the crazies are great at coming to the computer right when the biggest images are up.  So having someone do the planning assured me that I could not ruin it for them.  From hotel to character dinners to when to be in what line, he has done the work & we just follow an itinerary.  He also knew ALOT that I would not have known otherwise.
I got busy & ordered them some Mickey attire -- the shirts & bows & Disney themed pajamas.  Just some clothing items that they can use there to spice up our trip.  I also made them their own bags to put their snacks & Disney water bottles in as well as a frame matte & pen to collect signatures from the characters that they see!
And to present it all we sent off for some personalized post-cards from Mickey & Minnie & all of their friends.  Each crazy has a card that reads "I cannot wait to meet you today!"  
It should be pretty fun & certainly special for both of them.  Again, I am eager to scoot to bed to hurry up the morning so we can see their faces.  It doesn't hurt that Soldier Man & I are Disney virgins ourselves so we are curious to know what all of the hype is about.  
I am sure I will post what happens after Christmas morning once we return as we are bags packed out the door as soon as the trip is revealed.  I will let you know how the happiest kids enjoyed the happiest place on Earth!

Our Santa letter telling the crazies that he has arranged for them to go & meet Minnie & Mickey

Their shirts & goody bags

The personalized post cards they got from Mickey & Minnie

Their stockings are ready -- K will LOVE these Minnie bow clips & D got some gear for Crocs

  The Mickey & Minnie Cookies Santa left for the crazies in return on the cookie plate

Santa brought Mom & Dad an ornament since they buy one for each place they visit or vacation

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