Our Gang

Our Gang
Jason, Deacon, Kennedy, & Me ~ March 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Pretzel Bites

As I've said before, we are taking this month to really review what we have learned already to give us more time in the kitchen baking & at the table doing crafts leaving the weekends open to get out & "do" the holiday stuff in various parts of California.  We have been having a BLAST!!
Today in the kitchen I pulled out my easiest toddler recipe yet & let the crazies go to town.  We have named these treats Holiday Pretzel Bites & you literally unwrap Hersey Kisses, place them on pretzels, bake them, & top them with M&Ms.  I bought the peppermint kisses because 1. the crazies love peppermint & 2. they look pretty holiday-ish with the white & red!  My crazies were master unwrappers & did most of this treat by themselves.  While they baked in the oven at 250 degrees for 2 minutes, the crazies counted out the M&Ms & as soon as the timer went off they were placing those things on the kisses. It was a fun & quick treat & we have all enjoyed snacking on them all day long!

D was unwrapping & placing on the kisses

K was triyng to keep up -- everything is a race these days!

D got his hit to push the M&Ms down without burning his wrist

So proud of their own "baking" (aka: melting) skills

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