Our Gang

Our Gang
Jason, Deacon, Kennedy, & Me ~ March 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

She's Gonna POP! Baby Shower

So it has been a while... a loooooong while... since I have made a post.  We left for a 3 week vacation to head back East to visit family & friends & so not blogging became part of that vacation.  Really, no computer outside of an iPad & no place to upload tons of pictures can turn into pretty lousy posts.  So, to lure you back in, I knew I had to do something with a POP!! to get your attention.  So here it is.......
Tuesday I threw a baby shower for a dear friend here at Fort Irwin.  She is expecting her first little bundle in August & us Army wives wanted to shower her appropriately.  She is leaving the gender of the baby a surprise until delivery, so it left the theme of the shower up to me.  Since she is 27 days shy of delivery looking like she's gonna POP any day now, I threw a She's Gonna POP!! shower & had the most fun!  I ran with the word POP & carried that throughout the shower.  
The mom-to-be is also gluten-free so I wanted everything offered in the spread glutten-free since it is a party in honor of her, & POPcorn met the criteria also making it super easy to run with the theme.  
As for games, we played a Pop Culture Pop Quiz & had the most fun guessing celebrity baby names, moms, & babies-daddies.  We also blew up balloons to see who could come close to making their bellies match the mom-to-be's belly.  It was a hoot watching all of us ladies round out our balloons & bellies to be a perfect fit.  And to leave our guests with the theme in their minds, Tootsie POPs were given out with a "Thank you for POPPING in!" note.  
Pics are below & it was easy & fun & we definitely be my new go-to shower theme.  I LOVED it & had the most fun planning it & putting it together.

Outside Greeting

POPcorn bar with POPcorn baggies to fill up

Advice column

She's Gonna POP banner

POPcorn cupcakes... a little marshmallows, scissors, & food spray turns these into a fun treat on top!

 Soda POP selection

Salsa with a POP

POP some Yummo Chicken Salad

 Fruit POPs... a little marshmallow dipped in chocolate & sprinkles adds a nice touch

Food Selection

 Mom-to-be about to POP!

POPing our balloons out

Final Panel