Our Gang

Our Gang
Jason, Deacon, Kennedy, & Me ~ March 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A-J & 0-9...Reviewing What We Already Know & Holiday Fun

With December here, I'd previously planned to leave the month open to review what we have learned already as well as have more open time to do holiday crafts, cooking, & fun!!  J is for Jesus led us into the Christmas season so we have stopped there to go over what we know so far.  Deacon is spending time writing A-J rather than learning new letters, writing 0-9 to perfect writing his numbers, & doing practice with our coins, planets, states, Presidents, & time.  That has left us with lots of time to do some West Coast holiday traveling since Soldier man's schedule is more open than usual this month as well as Christmas crafts & baking during the time we are here on post.
This week the crazies helped me decorate a batch of sugar cookies.  I like to use the homemade icing, but I gave them the tube icing to do theirs so it would not be such a mess! We made it to the craft building on post where I painted a platter & they painted some ornaments.  We have also done some crafts here to go along with the Christmas story.
It has been relaxing & fun & we are soaking in the season without lots of fuss!

The platter we made... a replica of a a Pintrest craft.  I used D's foot for the manger &
 K's thumb for baby Jesus

Decorating sugar cookies

 Of course they would: D making a camp start & K eating right out the tube

 Soooo yummy!!

Painting popsicle sticks for a manger craft

Assembling their mangers

Baby Jesus in the manger

 Candy cane break

Some nativity coloring by number

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