Our Gang

Our Gang
Jason, Deacon, Kennedy, & Me ~ March 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Leaving Our Print On Each Christmas

I am a sucker for handprint art.  Or footprint art.  Anything that I can make using the hand or footprint of my babies.  For me, it is like freezing a little piece of them into a little slice of time.  I get to not only have a permanent picture of their print, but I get to make something fun with it.  A keepsake.  Something I treasure.  So, I have turned this into a holiday ritual with the crazies -- making something festive with their prints.  What I also have done, is placed the art we make with pictures of them in their Christmas pajamas of the year that we did it. Just a way to remember who these little people were at the time that they left their mark on something.  
These holiday crafts with the crazies display beautifully with pictures of them & will be something that I treasure every year when I pull them out & hang them up in December.  I, of course, adore them & kids, to me, make the holiday season so fun.  
So what could be better than decorating my house with them?!?

This is my favorite annual pajama pic of the crazies yet -- I found a great deal on some 16x20 & 8x10 canvas prints & LOVE them displayed in their Christmas pajamas right above the plate we made this season.

Our plate with prints from this year

This is last year's display -- our handprint tree with the crazies pictured on either side of it in their Christmas pajamas from that year

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