Our Gang

Our Gang
Jason, Deacon, Kennedy, & Me ~ March 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Planning WAY Ahead

 We just returned from a 2 week vacation visiting back home.  We made our rounds visiting family & friends on the East Coast & loved every minute of it.  I also knew this would be the last time we'd see some people until who knows when... we haven't started planning holidays around here yet, but the thought of staying home has crossed my mind.  So, I knew vacation would be a good time to get some good shots of all of the cousins if we planned on using any of these 
photo ops as presents later in the year.
It takes just a little coordination & some planning ahead, but it helps to make the best gifts for grans if you need to use them later.  Prior to leaving for vacation, I just called my sister-in-law & my sister to see what we all had in our closets that would help with the clothes coordination.  The pictures just look better when there is a common theme or color so that no major clashing is going on.  So we decided on 2 different outfits & colors, packed it for vacation, & ended up with some fun shots of the kids!
So, if you can coordinate with siblings, cousins, or family ahead of time, it makes for a less stressful holiday season & one less picture you must take then.

The Crabby Clan

The boys

And the girls

My 2 Crazies

And Photo Op #2

My Crazies

The girls

And the boys

And this one just sort of happened -- accidentally, all of the kids ended up in green.  Seriously, after a while great minds just start to think alike.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

BUNCO... let the good times roll!!

In every military place we have been stationed I have been lucky enough to have an outstanding BUNCO group.  I'd never heard of BUNCO before becoming a military spouse but learned very quickly that it was a social highlight of my month.  So, upon coming to Fort Irwin I tried to plug into one very quickly in an effort to meet people.  Well, most were full so I went in with a friend to form our own.  Our group grew quickly up to 16 players & turned into themed crazy nights.
Well, July was my month to host so I came up with a White Trash BUNCO night & it was so much fun to plan & decorate.  I encouraged the girls to bring white trash food -- corn dogs, moon pies, & jello shots -- & we certainly all dressed up like Girls Gone Country.  
I had the best time with this theme & thought I'd share the ideas incase there's ever a random themed party you need to throw!

A proper white-trash greeting

Babies drinking & balogna

Front Porch

Remember this hair-do

White Trash Decor

The Classy Women of BUNCO