Our Gang

Our Gang
Jason, Deacon, Kennedy, & Me ~ March 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

D's Got Mad B-Ball Skills

Deacon started basketball mid-November & LOVES it.  For his age, there is not a competitive team here at Fort Irwin, but they spend practice each week learning various skills & drills associated to the sport.  I value that they get to take 2 years to learn about the game rather than just competing against other teams weekly so that they can actually learn skills related to basketball rather than just run around with 9 other kids trying to touch a ball.  I think to date this has been his favorite sport so far & he is doing really well with it!

Pre-Warm-Up Toss with the boys

                   Dribbling Practice                          The Girls Sharing Their Ball    


 So proud of his shots!

Running Suicides

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